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Night vision
Night vision is what has evoked feelings of inferiority throughout the history of humanity. An elementary opportunity, possessed not only by the highest predators but even by small cats, which eventually turned into pets, was inaccessible to society even after our evolution had passed the colossal path. Needless to say, how strong was the desire to learn to see in the dark?
And only after a giant technological leap in the middle of the twentieth century did we find the opportunity to repeat the mechanism that nature bestowed on some animals. The long path of invention from idea to implementation has given us a simple and elegant system that today borders on fantasy. The essence of the technology is that it repeatedly amplifies the weakest light and converts it into a contrasting monochrome image, which allows the observer to assess the situation entirely.
Initially, NV technology was just a fake replica of the vision mechanism of the same domestic cats. This is a vision algorithm that has gone through a vast number of iterations and is now in its fourth generation. Moreover, the question “Why is night vision green?” less relevant than the question “Where to buy colored night vision?”.
Whether you use or want to use night vision goggles, night-vision scope, NV binoculars, night vision monoculars, or even night vision clip-on systems, you will need a guide and a trusted buying partner and maintenance of your devices. Here you will find all this and even more.