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We wish that your work with us will be pleasant and without unnecessary disappointment. If you are not fully happy with your shopping, you will be able to refund most of the goods in motion within 30 days from the incident to the return, transfer, credit in the store or a complete refund. Please be mind that all returned products are subject to AGM Global Vision's Return Policy Criteria.

Return Policy: Parts must exist in the latest condition (i.e. no damage or defect under any circumstances), in the manufacturer's unique packaging and with all unusual content such as instruction manuals, related accessories, and add-on items.

For all replacements and refund requests, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) paper must be completed. After filling in, follow the information provided when returning the product and return it as quickly as you can. Please remember that the RMA is only valid for 15 days following the date of shipment, so do not reuse it under any circumstances!

We strongly advise you to insure the product for the perfect price when it is delivered to us. And in order to ensure the current return or exchange, we ask you to safely wrap the components to avoid defect in transit. If you think that your order was damaged during transportation, please contact customer service immediately.

After AGM Global Vision's approval, money is returned to customers by the unique method of money transfer. If the client uses a credit card, for example, all the required sums will be refunded back to the client's card.

AGM Global Vision asks for the return of all marketing products and/or gifts contained in your purchase, including gratuitous gift vouchers upon buying. Therefore, if glasses came in with a gift flashlight in the set, a pair of items must exist before a change or refund can be made. Now AGM Global Vision is not able to take a separate return of sets or any products in the set. In the case of an insufficient impact, AGM Global Vision reserves the following benefits the advantage of charging an additional $20 USD for sending the package back to the buyer.

Any gift certificate made as a gratuitous gift with a qualifying purchase will be canceled on the return of qualified products. Presented voucher is considered returned with the return of the product. If a Gift Certificate was used before the episode of a refund, AGM Global Vision keeps for themselves the advantage of refusing to refund the buyer or refund funds minus the value of the Gift Card that was given.

AGM Global Vision sells a number of products whose sales in the United States are curtailing by federal, municipal and/or district laws and regulations. These federal, state and/or regional laws and regulations are likely to change. In the case of these configurations, AGM Global Vision have the right to disagree any refund if sending, using, wearing, possessing, and purchasing or selling this limited product is criminal. In the final invoice, the Purchaser shall be responsible for the investigation and supply of the legality of the use, carrying, purchase and/or possession of the product within the permitted federal, state and/or district area of the Purchaser.

AGM Global Vision manages all returns during 15 workdays of receiving the returned product. Credit card companies differ in the time it takes to repay credits to the Buyer's bill. Contact the payment card firm for more information on credit policy. For PayPal applications, the refund has be taken from the PayPal account to appear on the bank account receipt.

AGM Global Vision imposes no fees for supplementing the stock of the bulk of products sent back during a 30-day period from the time the product was receive. Stock replenishment fees will not charge for products that returned in the newest, unused and with all unique packaging and devices, if all criteria the return instructions are also being complied with.

AGM Global Vision retains the advantage of receiving back up to a 20% replenishment charge for the return of disclosed, consumed or damaged goods and for returns that do not fit our Return and Exchange Instructions in any way. Please note that AGM Global Vision retains the advantage the benefit of refusing all returns received in an unprofitable condition. Apart from this, AGM Global Vision reserves the advantage of charging extra fees if the product is not returned in its unique wrapping.

AGM Global Vision is happy to swap products in case you are not completely pleased with the acquisition of 30 days from the date of delivery. Please check that the goods you sent back are in a NEW condition (i.e., not applied, not opened, not broken or tested in any way) and does not fall under our Return Exceptions. Please refer to return and exchange arrangements to ask for permission to return and choose the appropriate change in the Return Type section.

Refund Policy Exception: The normal refund policy is not applicable to special orders, high value bulk invoices and contracts (over USD 25,000). There is no return for special order products, wholesale accounts and high price. Please call our Customer Service team for more details.

Fill out the RMA full refund form. Once completed, follow the instructions provided in accordance with the return and give back the item during 15 workdays to guarantee that your change or return is processed in a timely manner.

  • Please enter your information and send the RMA inquiry form to obtain a product return authorization number (RMA). Please note that there is no way we can accept a refund if the RMA form is not completed.
  • An RMA number will be sent to you by email for 24-48 hours after you submit the RMA form.
  • Pack the product(s) carefully with the original packaging used to avoid all defects during transport.
  • Make sure that all marketing used materials, devices, user manuals or other items are included in the package.
  • Print the form «return reason» and put it inside the box.
  • It is advisable that clients shall insure the full price of the packages as AGM Globalvision is not held liable for any items that may be returned, until it is signed in our warehouse. Buyers are therefore responsible for the loss, theft or defect of the returned packaging in transit.
  • Pay attention that AGM Global Vision is in no way able to accept COD shipments at this time. To ensure correct delivery, we strongly advise you to choose a carrier that gives you a notice of arrival (for example UPS, USPS or FedEx).

Product Warranty Registration

The product purchased from AGM can be registered. For this purpose, you should write to registration@agmglobalvision.com. You need to specify in the letter following information: purchase confirmation, serial number, model and description of the device.

Device registration is required to obtain a Limited Warranty Certificate.


AGM Global Vision, LLC outfit a modern apparatus maker three-year (3 years) Limited Warranty on each night vision devices, thermal imagers, laser emitting products, and advanced electro-optical systems by AGM Global Vision.

It is possible at detection of defects (in a standard form), problems with quality of manufacturing of materials of a product. Details are described below.

OEM Limited Warranty:

This warranty is provide for a period of three years (3 years) from the date of buying if the product is damaged or has a manufacturing defect in the material used to, if the gadget is used carefully. If a defect occurs that is described in the warranty and has been detected within the specified period, AGM Global Vision will repair or replace the device (at its sole discretion). The liability for these activities carried out by AGM Global Vision is follow of the company and will be the sole remedy for the customer.

Cases where this warranty does not apply if the product: (a) it has been misused; (b) it has been subject to abnormal use; (c) it has been repaired or modified by a customer or company other than AGM Global Vision with the absence of written consent; (d) it has been sold by special order or "closure" of AGM Global Vision or its distributor; or (e) the products have been discontinued or parts (accessories) cannot be sold for the reasons not attributable to AGM Global Vision's actions and cannot be controlled by the company. AGM Global Vision can not be accountable for any defects or hurt that in AGM Global Vision outlook are a effect from the mishandling, misuse, abuse, wrong storage or mistaken function of the mechanism, as use in conjunction with gear that is electrically or mechanically unsuited with, or of lower property to, the goods, as well as failing to continue the environmental conditions specified by the maker



The guarantee is available only to the initial purchaser. If the customer does not apply for a guarantee at the above address after the expiry of the guarantee period, this contract will be deemed to have been breached and will have legal effect. The customer is aware and agrees that this warranty is the only one, any other warranties (written, oral, legal, implied or voiced, etc.) will not be deemed valid and will not apply to the instrument. All such guarantees will be nullified and will not be complied with.

Limitation of liability:

AGM Global Vision assumes no liability for any claims, legal actions, costs, or damages that arise as a result of using the device. The customer is solely responsible for the use of the equipment. AGM Global Vision undertakes to fulfil the warranty, only according to this agreement, in accordance with the listed conditions. This agreement is valid between AGM Global Vision and the Client and cannot be regarded as creating obligations (monetary, oral, etc.) to third counterparties (legal or physical) who are not members of AGM Global Vision; all AGM Global Vision liabilities are valid only towards the Client in accordance with this warranty agreement. Liability for defects to AGM Global Vision under this Agreement, regardless of the form and size of the claim, shall not exceed the cost (or commission) paid by the Client to AGM Global Vision or the dealer.

In no event shall AGM Global Vision be is responsible for damage caused intentionally or accidentally, indirectly or directly, that have been caused to the device, regardless of was such losses predictable or not at the time of purchase. Nor does it take into account regardless of liability, were such damages a violation of warranty, breach of contract, gross negligence, severe responsibility or any other theory of liability. All major warranty and accuracy details are specified in the Operator's Manual. Please pay attention to it.


AGM Global Vision, LLC gives 3 years limited guarantee on equipment produced by the company. The warranty extend to all night vision devices, thermal imaging cameras, laser emitting devices and electro-optical systems made by AGM Global Vision. Limited Warranty covers breakdowns, non-working equipment, material problems (of which the device is made) and assembly quality. Details are describing below:


The warranty is available for normal use of the device within the scope of its intended use, for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase, in case of defects or failure to comply with the quality of the materials used to manufacture the device. AGM Global Vision will repair or replace the device (at its sole discretion) within the scope of the warranty case described above, in a given period of time from the date of purchase. These warranty actions are the responsibility of AGM Global Vision and reflect the unique and sole remedy for the Client. Conditions under which no warranty is provided: (a) product has been misused (b) the equipment has been subject to unintentional use (c) the device has been modified or repaired by the user or by a third party, except AGM Global Vision without consent (confirmed in writing) (d) goods sold by wholesale or special order of AGM Global Vision or distributor (e) production of equipment is stopped by the maker. (If additional elements, spare parts or accessories are not available for sale for reasons not related to AGM Global Vision). AGM Global Vision is not responsible for defects or breakdowns of the device if the device has been misused, abused, improperly stored or used. If the device has been used with equipment that is not suitable for the device (not electrically or mechanically compatible with the device) or is of known quality (or lower quality than the device) or in environmental conditions not specified by the producer.


The warranty is for the original buyer only. In the case that the client does not inform AGM Global Vision at the given e-mail address within the guarantee term, the case will not be legally valid. The Client agrees that the firm provides only the guarantee described in the document. Any other warranties (oral, written, legal, mental or express) shall not be deemed valid.


AGM Global Vision does not accept liability for any customer complaints related to the use of the device (including preventions, legal proceedings, costs, etc.). The customer confirms that the use of the device is entirely his personal obligation. AGM Global Vision is obliged only to list the warranty cases described in the agreement in accordance with the terms of the document. AGM Global Vision provides clients with goods and services that cannot be considered as any benefit or liability of the firm to other legal or natural persons who are not part of AGM Global Vision. AGM Global Vision makes a commitment, following this Agreement, to provide for and to the Client only. AGM Global Vision is prepared to suffer damages, in accordance with this Agreement (irrespective of the action or form of damages), which do not amount to more than the charges paid by the Client to AGM Global Vision or the dealer. Under no circumstances shall AGM Global Vision assume any liability for damage caused to the device by the user, irrespective of whether such damage was foreseen at the time of the transaction and purchase, even if the damage of the customer is the result of a breach of warranty, contract or any other activity.

Please note that the details and exact details of how to comply with the warranty are covered in the Operator Manual. For accurate information, read the Warranty Form.