Night Vision Weapon Sights
The modern industry of night vision optics is so diverse and voluminous that it is time to introduce a section of science dedicated exclusively to it. And if this happens, then a separate area of science will have to be submitted for each type of this optics. But, even then, night vision scopes will hold a special place. After all, these devices are, in their own way, a unique engineering achievement. They combine the qualities of a regular weapon scope and a night vision rifle scope. Moreover, this is the case when, by blending several equivalent devices, a device was obtained that did not lose anything but only gained.
Many people wonder what the difference between a night vision scope for hunting and an NV monocular is. At first glance, this question is quite logical because they look almost the same. But, one has only to recall how strong the weapon's recoil is, and everything falls into place. If you imagine how durable these devices are, you want to get the best night vision scope. And this is only one of their advantages, and you will learn about the rest from us.