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Night Vision IR Illumination

Jun 14, 2023 | 11:07 pm 251 0
Night Vision IR Illumination

The art of seeing in the dark and performing tasks in total darkness is quite a necessary skill. However, no matter how many technologies and scientific discoveries have been made in this area, scientists still need to find a way to do this without using night vision devices. For almost 150 years, they have been allowed to hunt animals at night, chase criminals or carry out critical military operations. Therefore, it is not surprising that the technology of seeing in the dark arouses such interest in everyone with a tangential relationship with it. Nowadays, night vision devices are available in many price categories and are designed to perform specific tasks without restrictions on profession or field of use as it was before. Anyone with any property can use the device as a security camera with the ability to record and monitor at night. If you're a security guard, tracking criminals, conducting chases, or clearing buildings is much easier with a night vision device. And, of course, every soldier has a built-in or separate night vision device for combat missions. 

However, the principle of operation of night vision devices has various details. Let's say that to get a good image. As a result, we worked and worked for many years, and all the mechanisms must function correctly. Since NVD works with residual light, you should make sure that there is enough light. Otherwise, the device will not work correctly or not at all. Therefore, IR Illumination is built into every professional device and can be purchased separately as an add-on. But what is IR Illumination? How it works and what it is needed for, read on to find out.

What is it?

Great importance is permanently attached directly to night vision devices. However, no linden or reader can collect enough light for a perfect picture and image clarity in the dark. IR Illumination helps with this. This is an additional device that works autonomously or is already installed in a night vision device that increases the reader's light. It works pretty simple; you emit an infrared beam, and it flies instantly to particular objects and bounces off them. Due to this, the magnifying glass collects more light, and the image is much better. However, you must be corrected if you think that IR Illumination multiplies the light it receives. This beam is not visible to the naked human eye; it is entirely invisible to us, so its use without a night vision device or other sensors that can see it makes no sense. That's why the infrared beam is necessary to see in the dark and is relatively safe for surveillance, security personnel, and others.

Types of IR Illuminators

Infrared rays emit light with an infrared spectrum, which is why the human eye does not perceive them. That is why they have become so popular and are often used to create various weapons or technologies that greatly simplify life and help people. They are used as a beam for night vision devices and as a flashlight or pointer. However, they are all quite different and have their unique functionality. In total, it is customary to divide Night Vision IR Illumination into three types, each of which is very important and can be used depending on your wishes and types of tasks.

Infrared lamps

Their use and introduction led to an actual technical process in production. After all, with the help of such a lamp, which by the principle of operation resembles an incandescent lamp, it is possible to heat rooms of different sizes. In appearance, it is not much different from ordinary light, but the amount of heat it can emit is impressive. Still, at the same time, its operation is only noticeable with a particular reader that can detect and see infrared waves. Therefore, it is unsurprising that such lamps are used on various farms to heat animals or on different agricultural lands that are used to dry grain.

LEDs with infrared rays

Such devices are much smaller than the previous ones and are very widespread. They are complementary to night vision devices with built-in infrared rays, as a device that adds even more light when in use. Such rays do not significantly impact vision and are small enough to remain invisible, so they are often used as an additional light source. And thanks to their small size, they are the most energy efficient and will last you a long time. It can be completely inconspicuous, say like a flashlight, but it is worth switching modes, and you can work with much better quality, just with the help of a small LED.

Laser infrared illuminators

Laser infrared illuminators work with night vision cameras or devices and sniper scopes because they are invisible and quickly reach the target. Such devices are only used in the military or by security personnel because they are powerful and can be used in poor lighting or bad weather conditions. The length and strength of the beam can be harmful to the human eye, even if you can't see it, so you need special safety glasses to work with it and preserve your vision.

In addition to these types of Night Vision IR Illumination, according to the principle of operation and power, it is also customary to divide them into the types and configurations they represent. However, almost every night vision device of the current generation for professionals has a built-in infrared illuminator. This helps to react much faster to a change in the situation and to be more mobile using only one type of weapon. Of course, this is a significant advantage. However, there are also separate Night Vision IR Illumination illuminators; they can be used separately from the device as an LED or lamp. They usually run on batteries or are charged from an outlet. Therefore, the duration of their use is unlimited. They are often used as auxiliary lighting for household tasks or the street. However, they are also used to supplement a night vision device with a built-in beam. So the work becomes much easier, and the image is more transparent.

Why you need it 

Even a night vision device will not save you when it is almost dark outside and little is left. And if it's just a normal situation, the lights turned off when you come home, that's one thing. YOU can turn on the flashlight and follow your route. But if this is a covert military operation and your goal is to defeat or strike the enemy and do it as quietly as possible, then this can be a problem.

Imagine you reached a point where there should have been a good overview of the territory, the task is performed at night, but due to increased cloudiness, the stars and the moon do not let their light through. In this case, your night vision device is just a useless toy. But only if you still need to get Night Vision IR Illumination. Because with its help, you will be able to add light without attracting attention, at the same time remaining unnoticed and being able to work on the task at hand successfully. The peculiarity is that you do not need light for the image to be clear and understandable; thanks to the infrared rays that will come out of the illuminator, the night vision device will receive the reflection of a sufficient amount of light from objects and objects, multiply them and form an image for you and its changes continuously as long as the device works. After all, this is quite a significant advantage over the enemies, which will help you when working at night. Unsurprisingly, such Night Vision IR Illuminations are pretty standard in various security services and the military. And although scientists are already looking for ways to modify this technology for other areas of life, for now, it remains an exclusively military need.

As you understand, there are many situations where night vision devices are not a panacea and your guarantee of results. Therefore, you must rely on more than just him. It would be best to consider the risks and unforeseen circumstances in which you must work outside your plan when going to a task. In such cases, it is better to be ready and have at least a small infrared LED with you; it will come in handy. And although the number of its rays will be much less than that of a laser infrared illuminator, the work with its use will be better than without it. And thanks to its small size, it won't bother you if you suddenly don't need it. Of course, for essential tasks, you cannot do without a small device; in such cases, it is better to play it safe and take an additional infrared illuminator or a built-in night vision device with you. Such devices are a little more expensive than devices without an illuminator. Still, the quality of the images and, as a result, the quality of your work increases with its use. And the price, it is worth every cent spent. You don't need to carry anything extra for work; it's already in your night vision device. This frees up your hands and allows you to move more dynamically and move around in space. And let's imagine the situation if you have a weapon in your hands and need to use a night vision device without a built-in infrared illuminator; both hands are busy; how do you work then? This is simply unreal. Therefore, if you choose and look closely at Night Vision IR Illumination, evaluate the degree of severity and importance of the tasks it has to perform. If you are a military or security officer, then you should buy a night vision device that already has a built-in infrared illuminator; not only that, but we advise you to carry a small extra one with you so that you can use them at the same time for better image quality or other more everyday purposes. If you need this illuminator for additional lighting on a night vision camera, you can use a lamp with an infrared illuminator since the nights are very dark. At the same time, it can be separated and attached to the camera. The only thing worth considering is the method of attachment and location so that the rays do not interfere with the operation of the camera and do not dazzle it.

Also, follow the safety rules when using Night Vision IR Illumination. Although it seems that there is no influence, you should be careful. Safety glasses must be worn when working with them.

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